"I had the pleasure of working with the Autobase team to find the exact car I wanted. Not only did I get everything I inquired about but I also got extras I didn't expect. Great service, more knowledge and a smile on my face when I picked up my 2012 Mercedes C350. I recommend to anyone that is in the market for Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 series to come visit this team. All the best! RT"


"I recently purchased a 2010 C350 from Autobase, my second Mercedes within a few years. Being a picky shopper from Southwestern Ontario, I visited a few dealerships from London to Toronto. On my first visit to Autobase, I found the car I was looking for and made a fair deal within less than an hour. It was quite pleasant to deal with Alex and Edward. They are professional, sensible, funny and very knowledgeable about their products. Being specialized in Mercedes Benz C class and BMW 3 series, it looks like they have established and edge over their competition when it comes to these models. Their nicely maintained showroom seems to be stocked with quality vehicles at fair prices. Autobase will likely be my first stop when going back to the market for my next vehicle. Thanks Alex and Edward for your help, great service and good advice."

Sam Rafih

"Sunday, I just went to see a MB c300, at Autobase, and met this amazing guy Edward. He explained the MBs so well that i could not resist my self to buy one right away(PS: I always test drive few cars at different dealers before make decision), this was the first time i made decision merely in 20 minutes. Edward is great guy with talent. He keep clean and nice cars. Keep it up buddy, i may come back for MASERATI in couple years."

Smart Lad

"Autobase has an impressive inventory of quality cars and an excellent sales team. The folks at Autobase are knowledgeable, friendly and fair to deal with. I am very happy with my 2011 Benz C350, in fact my mechanic inspected the car and told me he usually only sees cars this clean coming from Mercedes dealerships. I would definitely buy from Autobase again."

Martin Small

"My wife and I just bought a 2011 C300 4Matic and we are excited about this purchase! We worked with Edward and he was polite, sincere and professional in the 3 visits we've made. Edward asked my wife and I which year, model, features and colours we were looking for. The very next day, he called us for a heads-up and the following day we signed papers. This combined with their immaculate indoor showroom with clean, detailed cars was quite a great experience. My wife and I went to a number of dealerships as we wanted to see a variety of cars from our Autotrader searches and I can safely say AutoBase is a clear winner, both in kind service and with vehicles in amazing condition, they look brand new! Edward & AutoBase, thank you so much!"

Stephen Yoon

"I recently bought a 2011 C300 Mercedes from Auto Base. The person that I dealt with is Alex. He was very nice and respectful. One thing I like about Auto Base is they do not push clients to buy their cars. They give you space to make your decision. however, they make themselves available to support you if you need any help. I went to a few places but I finally decided to buy from them as I perceived them to be credible. I saw a little scratch on my car so I call Alex. He told me to bring the car to be fixed. I have not gone yet because it so insignificant. My over all experience with Auto-base is positive."

Zack Charis

"Excellent customer service, very friendly team who aim to satisfy the customer. Cars sold are in excellent condition, kept inside their show room. Autobase is willing to negotiate with customers to negotiate fair pricing. Their aftercare is also great, they are willing to assist customers even after the sale. Would definitely recommend this dealership if you are looking for great cars, great service and great deals!"


"Autobase is a reliable dealership with friendly and genuine sales people. They have an impressive selection of very clean and good quality cars to choose from. I purchased my car from Autobase and will refer them to anyone that is looking to buy a car. Thank you to Edward and Alex who exceeded my expectations and made my buying experience a pleasurable one. When the time comes for me to buy again, I will be back!"

Tracey Anthony

"I just purchased a 2011 Mercedes C300...I was very impressed with the selection of Mercedes and BMWS. Edwards account to detail is stellar. I truly liked the fact that there is no hardcore selling and pressure from the owners. If you are looking for a Mercedes or BMW this is the place to go. 100 per cent satisfied."

Jaye James

"I recently bought a 2010 Mercedes Benz C350 from Autobase and I am very happy with the car and the service that I received. Great service, very friendly staff and most importantly very clean vehicle. I dealt with Edward and the double (AA)s (Alex & Alex) who were very honest, friendly and helpful. They made the entire process very easy and delivered the car on time with no fuss. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. I would definitely return for my next car and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great car and a great service."

Soheil Sh

"Hi All, I got my awesome 335i Xdrive at Autobase about three weeks ago. Being my first BMW I was extremely worried I was making the right decision on moving to a luxury more expensive car for me while still keeping the cool sporty stile. My major concerns were the initial costs, maintenance, financing, warranty, "support," and having somewhere to call in in case I had any questions. All that was rapidly taken care of by Edward, a great guy that seems to know all about these bimmers and brought my confidence level much higher after my first meeting with them. To be able to provide a good quality review to others reaching out to Autobase, I waited these three weeks, called Edward a few times, they called me to ask how everything was working out, had all my newbie's questions answered and now I'm comfortable to let you readers know that Autobase was a great choice for me and I'm certain I will work with them again when looking for an upgrade. For those as skeptical as me doing some googling on Autobase, be aware that there is another autobase company in the US which has nothing to do with this Canadian dealer."

Marcelo Tamaki

"I am a first time car buyer and it was my first day going out looking so I decided to bring my parents along to help and guide me on making a decision. AutoBase was the first dealer we had gone to even though I originally had my heart set out on a specific vehicle at another dealer. As soon as I walked in Edward welcomed us with a big smile inviting us all in and making the environment welcoming and friendly. We walked into the showroom and all I saw were beautiful BMW's and Mercedes ( I was in heaven!!! ). My dad kept saying "This is an amazing bargain" and to buy the car even if it was a bit over my budget because it's worth it!!! My father is always the one telling me to save money and here he is telling me to spend more?!?! I ended up buying a beautiful and unique Mercedes C300 with low km's and at a great price with a few extras thrown in by Edward & Alex (all car proof history is kept out in the open on each vehicle as well) BUT WAIT!!!... my parents not even looking for a new car also bought a Mercedes C350. It was a great experience and I highly recommend AutoBase to anyone looking for a NEW USED vehicle. Great experience and great guys!!! Thanks Edward and Alex!!!"

Sophia Venturin

"This small dealership simply rocks! Not only was I able to get the car in a perfect condition, Edward the manager/owner goes above and beyond to satisfy, he offered me the winter tires at a great price too. Yesterday I parked my car with my headlights left on for almost an hour, the battery was drained. It was late and the first name that came into mind was Edward, even though it was almost a year since I purchased my car, he remembered me and offered to come and jump start my car, that was at 7 pm, in the middle of a snow storm! He came quickly and what a joy when I heard my car engine roaring again! Thanks Edward for an excellent service, I will definitely upgrade my car with you ! Keep it up!"

Ramez Riad

"It was a great experience to buy a car in AutoBase (Mercedes 2011 C350). Everything went very smoothly, in a friendly atmosphere. I was amazed with the cars, all of them are very clean and looks like new, so it is very hard to make a final decision :)) For our future purchases we will always come back to AutoBase. It was a pleasure to meet and deal with Alex. Thanks again!"

Volodymyr Ienkalov

"I made multiple visits to see various cars that Autobase had in stock and I was always impressed with their selection. The quality of their cars, the facility and their openness about the process made it easy for my wife and I to choose the car we wanted. Thanks both to Alex and Edward for making a tough decision a pleasurable one. We will gladly refer our friends and family!"

Mark D

"We drove all the way from London to buy a Mercedes C300 from Autobase and we can't be happier. They honestly have amazing customer service. What I like the best from them is that they're completely honest and direct with you the whole time, and I feel like you can trust them. They're very knowledgable with cars. 

We had the pleasure of dealing with Edward and he was amazing with us the whole time. He knows what he's talking about and I enjoyed dealing with him. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

If you're looking for great quality service, go to Autobase."

Khader Zimmo

"My 2011 BMW 328i is fantastic, customer service was incredible.I live up north at the very far end of the city. I wanted to drive a BMW. It was time I said to myself. I searched all over the GTA. It was hard to find the right dealer. Someone I could trust, feel secure with spending my money. After attending AUTOBASE I was impressed. They had BMW,s that made my mouth water. The cars were clean in excellent shape and ready to drive. I spoke to Alex the sales guy owner. He made me a offer I could not refuse. Now I drive the car of my dreams. I feel amazing every time I get in my RIDE.Those guys made me happy. As well after buying the car these guys continue to take care of me. They gave me their best Warranty offer, again I could not refuse.Those guys took care of me and made me feel like family.They were always friendly.They never faltered. And most of all they continue to give me a tall Espresso coffee every time I visit them just to chat. Good job boys, keep up the GOOD work...ANDY Simmo"

Andy Simmo

"I purchased C250 Mercedes-Benz just 2 weeks ago and I love it. This white color 2011 year beautiful car looks very classy and good size, has great interior design, great audio system, excellent performance, great features, good quality,excellent comfort. I appreciate help of Edward, who was very helpful, enthusiastic and energetic. It took me more than 6 months to look for dealership I like, and to make the right choice. Why Autobase: excellent choice of cars, reasonable price, good location, small overhead of sale people, fast rotation of cars. Every time I was there a lot of sold cars, and good new cars choice. I did one big huge mistake and took my 15 years old to look for the car. And - we did wrong choice for the car I didn't really like. I paid deposit. Couple days later I came to pick up Mercedes which I didn't like. And O Miracle! Edward asked me why I'm not happy. I explained my reasons. Thanks everything, my daughter was home and didn't push me to make a choice. Edward was friendly, patient. And we found the car I loved. The car I wanted. The car that would make me feel sooooooo good. I picked up my excellent white friend the very next day. Driving it, enjoying it. And I know where I should buy the car the next time - at Autobase. Thanks guys, for help and making me feeling good. At the end of the day - happy customer brings good spirit to good business. I wish your business to prosper for many years. Larisa Kryukova"

Lara Kryukova

"My black beauty is Audi A4.  On Tuesday my husband and I came to AutoBase to look around for a car. We were looking for some time at different car dealers. Edward was the guy to show us around. We took a Mercedes Benz C 250 for a test drive and were seriously thinking about buying it, but then I saw the Audi and that was it. Wednesday we finalized the purchase and today Thursday I had driven it for the first time to work. What a ride! Edward was very professional,  nice, friendly and the whole atmosphere was great, no pressure. I love my new car.  Thank you Edward. I would recommend Autobase to anyone."

Ditta R.

"I bought a 2009 Benz C300 in May of 2012, and this year I've decided to upgrade to a 2011 Benz C350 with Autobase again.

I must admit that the C300 has served well, the service was great, and most importantly I am very happy with my new whip.

Thank you,"

Alex K.

"Well, I can't buck the trend of five star reviews for Autobase. The guys are easygoing, fair, honest, and friendly. A very happy customer here. Bought a 2011 C350, and couldn't be more impressed. Referred by a friend. Great deal, great experience. Highly recommend."

Mike Viner

"I Recently bought a 2011 Mercedes Benz C350 from the Pleasant, Informative, Expert in German Luxury Automobiles from "Alex" at Autobase. In my mid 60's, There's not too many honest people in the Car Industry and with full confidence I am very excited and pleased with the car and the service that I received. Alex made my experience very easy and delivered the car on time, He took the Mercedes C350 and transformed it into a show piece from the Showroom, Buffed the Rims to the New Brake Pads & Rotors. I would definitely return for my next car and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great car and a great service for high end luxury. Thanks again Alex, My buddy for Life!"

 Lee Virji

"I purchased a 2011 C300 4matic from Autobase. The customer service was excellent, there was no pressure like other dealerships. I ran into a financial problem and they were very patient with me and waited a month for me to come and pick up the vehicle. I enjoyed my experience at Autobase and will continue to purchase from them. My car is amazing and I receive many compliments. THANK YOU AUTOBASE!! You have gained a lifetime customer!!"

Loretta Juseni

"I just bought a Mercedes-Benz C300 2011 yesterday. It looks like a brand new car because they cleaned it throughly and kept everything as original. I went with my dad for the first time, they've explained and answered all of our questions patiently. Today, I noticed that my front left sidemarker lamp is burned out because of the rainning yesterday. I called and they changed the light bulb for me immediately without any charges. Great services and great deal in autobase. If I am going to change my car in the next few years I will go to autobase for sure!"

Joey Zhang

"Just bought a 2011 BMW 328xi from Edward. Completely satisfied with their knowledge and process! Would recommend that anyone looking for a 3 series BMW or Mercedes-Benz C-Class contact Autobase. You won't be disappointed!"

Anthony Harris

"It was an amazing experience. We came all the way from Windsor. Everyone was extremely helpful with the whole process. Especially Edward. Being a previous BMW owner, I had high expectations. I can honestly say they exceeded them. I am extremely happy I made the trip. The gas and time were worth the trouble for the deal and experience I received. I highly recommend people to come to this dealership."

Nikolle Prenkolaj

"I recently bought a 2011 Mercedes Benz C350 from Auto Base and I must say that these guys are great..... I would recommend for any one who is looking to buy a used Mercedes. their prices are okay and the vehicles are great. Edward, thanks for taking care of us."

Sam Akuressa

"Great dealership, the guys were extremely friendly, helpful and honest. I bought a C250 coupe and the car is driving great! Thank you for an amazing experience."

Leo Lisen Bai

"Autobase has an impressive inventory of quality cars and an excellent sales team. The folks at Autobase are knowledgeable, friendly and fair to deal with. I am very happy with my 2011 Benz C350, in fact my mechanic inspected the car and told me he usually only sees cars this clean coming from Mercedes dealerships. I would definitely buy from Autobase again."

Martin Small

"What a pleasure dealing with Edward and Alex, the best auto buying experience ever!  They determined exactly what I was looking for in no time and made a fair, no-nonsense deal including the trade-in of my older MB that the dealers could not come close to matching.  Would do business with them again in a heartbeat, nice to have trust in a team that feels anything but like your typical "used car salesman".  Keep up the good work and lots of continued success in 2015!"

Scott S.

"I traveled over an hour to check out Autobase and it was well worth the drive.  They had an excellent selection of Mercedes C-Class off-lease vehicles and they were spotless in their indoor showroom, which was nice in the winter.  Edward was great to deal with and knows Mercedes cars inside out.  Once I decided on the car I wanted, Edward made the sale process easy and exceeded my expectations with getting the car ready for me to take delivery.  Don't waste your time at other dealerships - I guarantee you satisfaction at Autobase.  I will be sending my friends there!"


Craig F.

"I just recently purchased a 2012 C300 from Autobase in Woodbridge. Alex from Autobase was extremely informative and helpful. Anyone in the market for a Mercedes or BMW must go see Alex at Autobase. Absolutely no pressure and the facility and inventory is immaculate. Highly recommended"


Jeff H.

"Hello! I just wanted to leave a testimonial but I dont have a google account. Hopefully you can still use this on your website, and thank you again for the amazing service! After months of research my boyfriend and I purchased our beautiful Mercedes C350 from Auto Base and we couldn't be happier! Even from looking at various dealers online we noticed the vehicles at Auto Base were in superior condition and expertly detailed. When we arrived at the dealership we were greeted in a friendly and professional manner, and were given all the time we needed to look at the cars. We really loved how upfront they are, the full Car Fax is sitting in each car for sellers to view. Both Alex and Tim made it such and enjoyable, easy and comfortable experience. They answered all our questions before during and after the sale. The only hard part will be picking which car you like the best! They gave fair trade in for our vehicle and competitive pricing on our C350. We highly recommend Auto Base and have to several of our friends and all the strangers that compliment us on our beautiful ride. We will definitely be repeat customers!!"

Ashley C.


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